InvestSure - The asset backed investment platform

The InvestSure platform is designed to bring together professionals seeking capital for property development and investors with the appetite to fund those projects.
It matches the asset, location, funding amount and type of funding with investors’ search criteria to highlight the most appropriate opportunities.
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The InvestSure platform will promote properties that agents and sellers believe are more suited to an investor or developer market. These will be predominantly off-market assets in need of an immediate buyer. They may include income-producing assets suitable for investment, distressed assets looking for a developer, or land for development.
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Since the financial crisis, property developers have found it increasingly difficult to raise debt finance through traditional routes such as banks. With interest rates at record lows, investors have also found it tough to generate healthy returns.
This has led to more private companies issuing private debt securities, such as a mini-bonds and loan notes, to raise finance. This allows those companies access to an alternative source of debt financing at a cost which is still attractive for most.
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InvestSure has created a streamlined process that brings investors together so they can jointly fund a development project. Many investors have found syndication to be a costly and difficult process, often requiring a lead investor. InvestSure’s structure gives investors the security of a first charge, which is held by a security trustee, along with administration and quantity surveyor checks and balances, which regulate the capital expenditure.

As a result, it reduces each investor’s risk and, in some cases, can deliver a return that is more than double that of the best UK savings accounts. For developers, it gives them the freedom required to orchestrate the development.

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