InvestSure - The asset backed investment platform

investsure theshard asset backed investmentsAsset Sellers and developers will, for the first time, have a focused professional investor audience to view their opportunities and bring them the capital they seek through a transparent, professional, competitive process.

No longer will investment be serendipity lead or information be pushed around the market tarnishing reputations. It will now have a controlled, professional launch, tracking all those that have looked at it and limiting its exposure to just those matched for relevance.

No more chains of agents and intermediaries with ever increasing fees, all the costs are clear from the outset and the seller/developer can have the control over who they choose to negotiate with.

For Investors...

We have made it easy for professional investors to find the most relevant assets and projects for them. The search will include all categories of property, strategic off-market land, bonds, property developments, projects, etc. all of which will have undergone quality and information checks. Every investment will carry the opportunity to syndicate with other professional investors or institutions unless the investor wishes to fund the asset or project alone. This is the first portal in the World to offer the professional investment community a central platform to find the most current, wide ranging real estate investment opportunities and to potentially join with others to diversify risk.

A New Model for Funding...

We can match senior debt, mezzanine finance, equity or Stretched debt in the traditional model or we can provide a new streamlined option ‘Syndication. This is a process that we have perfected that allows investors to syndicate together to fund a complete project. The process is similar to that of a bank, to provide investors with as much security and financial management as possible to safeguard their capital. For this reason we are aiming to achieve stretched debt of up to 95% loan to cost at between 6.5% and 7.5% IRR. We display all the projects professionally and consistently, so your development gets equal exposure whether it’s a £1million project or £100million.

We craft individual developer profiles so we can inform investors of your skill and experience without divulging your identity. The investor will only be informed of your company name once an offer to invest has been accepted by you. No other developers or brokers have access to your projects, only professional investors can see them and if you would prefer to exclude specific investors from seeing your project we can also arrange that.

Our all-inclusive Platform Welcomes Intermediaries...

Intermediaries, agents and brokers may use this extensive portal to fund their client’s projects or sell their assets. When funding projects we can match senior debt, mezzanine finance, equity or Stretched debt in the traditional model or we can provide a new option ‘Syndication’.

Intermediaries can use InvestSure as their back-office process, we take on the quality checks of your clients, the display of the information, the audience of investors and the arranging of the funds. It is our intention to take all the pain out of funding leaving the intermediary to focus on their clients. We can give their opportunities exposure to our vast audience of professional investors (this is not a retail investment site) to more quickly and efficiently match the capital they require for their client.

Land and distressed assets can be seen by our wide developer audience and joint ventures can be offered. Our investor community will be open to yielding assets and opportunities. All the platform’s fees are split with agents and brokers to ensure the platform is inclusive and can benefit all.

If you’re a successful developer but find yourself constrained by a lack of working capital and you have at least three years of experience, a great track record and a profitable business plan, we could discuss our Corporate Bond opportunities with you. Raising the capital you need to build your business over the next three to five years. Call us today to discuss the options open to you through InvestSure. 

Funding and investing have never been simpler, more efficient or consistent. InvestSure is unlocking liquidity, bringing an evolution to real estate investment.

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InvestSure follows a simple and effective process:

  1. Sign up to become a member and click on ‘add an asset’
  2. Click on the type of asset you wish to load and follow the steps to add information. Accept the terms and click ‘submit’. This will be checked by the InvestSure admin team before launch.
  3. Once checked, you will receive an email with a link to the entry for you to check and approve. Once done, it will go live immediately.
  4. You will receive emails telling you how many views you have had, and any offers you have received.
  5. Through the platform, you can accept meetings with investors and accept or reject offers. All meetings will have an InvestSure Manager present. Once an offer is acceptable, the investor connects with your solicitor to complete the process

For registration and to load a project please click here.