InvestSure - The asset backed investment platform

investsure london scape asset backed investmentsThe InvestSure platform is an all-inclusive, central marketplace designed to promote real estate assets and fund property development. It fulfils the roles of administrator and funding centre for brokers and agents (intermediaries), allowing them to focus their time on growing their client-base and delivering high-quality customer service.

So How Does it Work The InvestSure platform provides intermediaries with a central marketplace to help clients wishing to fund a bond, fund a property development, sell land, or sell a property.

intermediary chart investsure 01aIntermediaries will become a member of the platform and then proceed to ‘Add an Asset,’ which allows them to enter the details of the asset they wish to either fund or sell. During this process they will need to attach a set of terms and conditions from their client consenting for their opportunity to appear on the platform. This is uploaded together with the documentation required to promote the asset.

Once complete, InvestSure conducts due diligence on the asset before it can be launched. At no time will any member of InvestSure talk to the intermediary’s client without their prior consent or without their participation.

Once the asset is live, any prospective investor’s offers or requests will be sent to both the intermediary and the client. All meetings will be arranged through the intermediary. Once an offer is agreed the standard legal process is activated.

InvestSure splits the funding fee 50/50 with the intermediary for every opportunity they bring to the platform. The fee is collected directly from the client by InvestSure who pays the intermediary immediately upon cleared funds.

If a client, introduced by an intermediary, comes directly to the platform to load an asset, InvestSure immediately informs the intermediary and continues to split the fee, even if the intermediary is involved or not. We hope to encourage the client to remain loyal to their intermediary and we give them no advantages whatsoever to do business directly with the platform.

For a detailed quote and more information on InvestSure’s fee structure, please click here.

Please note:
Agents and brokers will only be able to see their own projects and assets on the platform. They will not be able to see any other assets available to InvestSure investors.

Agents and brokers must have written consent from their clients that they are authorised to fund an asset or project before loading it onto the platform. Signing our terms and conditions will be necessary. The project or asset must be held exclusively by the agent or broker and, if it has been exposed to funders or investors already, notification of these parties must be given to the platform to be excluded from exposure.

InvestSure follows a simple and effective process:

  1. Sign up to become a member and go to ‘Add an Asset’
  2. Select the type of asset you wish to load and follow the steps to add information. Upload your client’s Ts&Cs and click ‘submit’. This will be checked by the InvestSure admin team before launch.
  3. Once checked, you will receive an email with a link to the entry for you to check and approve. Once done, it will go live immediately.
  4. You will receive emails immediately with any offers or meeting requests you have received.
  5. Through the platform, you can accept meetings with investors and accept or reject offers. Once an offer is acceptable, the investor connects with your client’s solicitor to complete the process.