InvestSure - The asset backed investment platform

investsure construction developers investmentsInvestSure can help developers to quickly and efficiently fund property developments through a professional and consistent presentation of the project via its exclusive platform.

The platform provides access to an extensive, qualified audience of investors and funders who are a good match for the project according to their own selection criteria. InvestSure creates a competitive environment to help improve offers and limits who sees them to avoid overexposure. It can also provide land and development opportunities.

Funding a development project can be very hit and miss today with so much ‘PDF pushing’ from brokers to investors. Added to this, the right investors are hard to find and, often, are expensive as there is little competition. Developers might never know who has seen the prospectus or how long the chain of introducers is when it comes to the final capital raise.

InvestSure provides a much needed way to control how the information is exposed and to whom. Users can define which members see the data, so the promotion of the opportunity is specific and controlled. The entry is visible only to the professional investor and institutional funding community – not brokers, agents, the general public or other developers.

InvestSure can offer the project for funding via syndication or to any one funder or investor, depending on the target investment and the type of funding required. InvestSure’s syndication process is ground breaking in that the process has been streamlined and standardised to decrease cost and increase the speed of the process. The aim is to reduce the cost of the blended interest rate by providing the Syndicate with the security of the first charge. Please see our page on syndication link to page for further details.

InvestSure can load a project for any of the following: senior debt up to 65% loan to cost (LTC); stretched debt up to 95% LTC; bridging up to 75% of value (LTV); mezzanine from 65% - 90% LTC; equity from 65% - 95% LTC. We do insist that every developer invests some of their own capital, even if it’s as low as 5% of total costs.

The aim is to fund projects quickly and create greater competition between funders to attract the most beneficial funding offer.

If a developer wishes to raise capital for cash flow, to fund a business plan, we recommend they discuss the possibilities of creating a corporate bond with one of our intermediary partners. Please click here to be taken to the enquiry form or call our customer support number.

Our minimum development funding requirement is £1m, or £250 000 of equity. There are no fees until funding is agreed. Our fees start at 1.5% of capital raised for assets for sale refinance bridging or senior debt up to 65% loan to cost 2% for mezzanine finance stretched debt or equity.

For registration and to load a project please click here.

InvestSure follows a simple and effective process:

To Add an Asset:
  1. Sign up to become a member and click on ‘add an asset’
  2. Select the type of asset you wish to load and follow the steps to add information. Accept the terms and click ‘submit’. This will be checked by the InvestSure admin team before launch.
  3. Once checked, you will receive an email with a link to the entry for you to check and approve. Once done, it will go live immediately.
  4. You will receive emails telling you how many views you have had and any offers you have received.
  5. Through the platform, you can accept meetings with investors and accept or reject offers. All meetings will have an InvestSure Manager present. Once an offer is acceptable, the investor connects with your solicitor to complete the process.

To Set up a Search:
  1. Sign up to become a member and you can immediately set up your searches
  2. Set your search parameters by asset type, investment type, area and size of investment.
  3. View search results as soon as your membership has been confirmed and click on those of interest to see the full detail and investment options.
  4. Select your investment of interest and either make a bid or ask for a meeting to discuss.
  5. Agree heads of terms and either wait for the syndication to complete or go directly to the legal details if funding/investing independently.