InvestSure - The asset backed investment platform

investsure construction developers investmentsInvestSure can help developers to quickly and efficiently fund property developments through a professional and consistent presentation of the project via its exclusive platform.

The platform provides access to an extensive, qualified audience of investors and funders who are a good match for the project according to their own selection criteria. InvestSure creates a competitive environment to help improve offers and limits who sees them to avoid overexposure. It can also provide land and development opportunities.
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investsure london scape asset backed investmentsThe InvestSure platform is an all-inclusive, central marketplace designed to promote real estate assets and fund property development. It fulfils the roles of administrator and funding centre for brokers and agents (intermediaries), allowing them to focus their time on growing their client-base and delivering high-quality customer service.

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investsure theshard asset backed investmentsAsset Sellers and developers will, for the first time, have a focused professional investor audience to view their opportunities and bring them the capital they seek through a transparent, professional, competitive process.

No longer will investment be serendipity lead or information be pushed around the market tarnishing reputations. It will now have a controlled, professional launch, tracking all those that have looked at it and limiting its exposure to just those matched for relevance.

No more chains of agents and intermediaries with ever increasing fees, all the costs are clear from the outset and the seller/developer can have the control over who they choose to negotiate with.
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investsure moneyInvestSure welcomes all forms of professional investors, be they institutions, funds, family offices, boutique banks, trusts and investment companies. We match capital to opportunities that are asset based, and allow that investment to be either syndicated or whole, providing the professional investor with a focused portal that helps diversify and spread risk based upon portfolio appetite. The platform is exclusively available to professional investors, institutions, boutique banks and funds, it will not permit the general public access.
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