View live, vetted, whole loan
funding opportunities for real
estate and development looking
for debt, stretched debt, mezz,
bridging and equity loans

Asset backed Investments

Invest in debt or equity depending on your risk/reward appetite with opportunities ranging from £500,000 to £100,000,000.

Funders & investors

Suitable for professional corporate property investors, lenders, institutions and investment companies.

Funding solutions

InvestSure structure funding for developers and present those opportunities to you fully vetted and verified.

Types of investment opportunities

  • All types of property developments of all asset classes across the UK
  • Senior debt and stretched debt funding over £1m with no cap
  • Mezzanine finance and equity investment over £250,000 with no cap
  • Refinancing and bridging loans
  • Land, distressed assets and opportunities for sale

Investment opportunities are not suitable for the general public or inexperienced investors. This is not retail crowdfunding and is not suitable for individual investors.

Vetted applications

We vet each application for funding with great care by conducting due diligence before adding it to our platform.

Investment options

You can select your own funding criteria and only see opportunities that match your appetite.

Concise assessments

We pull together a comprehensive information pack containing all our due diligence to help investors fully assess the opportunity

Benefits of InvestSure

  • Efficient, easy access to investment opportunities not available elsewhere.
  • No fees or costs for investors/funders.
  • Investment/funding options include debt, equity, mezzanine, bridging & refinance.
  • Every investment opportunity has been vetted.
  • Property developers are carefully screened.
  • Comprehensive information pack for each opportunity which contributes to due diligence.
  • Automatic notifications when new opportunities are launched onto the platform.

Getting started

1. Register your details and get immediate access to view investment opportunities on our platform

2. Set your search criteria so you only see the most appropriate opportunities.

  • Amount you wish to invest
  • Type of investment opportunity
  • Size of development
  • Type of development
  • Location of development

How to invest

  • 1. Search the platform using your investment criteria
  • 2. When you find an opportunity you’re interested in, you will be given access to a full suite of documentation and due diligence. You can also request further information and a site meeting.
  • 3. Once you’ve fully assessed the opportunity and decided to invest or fund, you will be asked to submit heads of terms and then the process continues in the traditional manner.

InvestSure will attend all meetings and work with the funder through to conclusion to ensure a smooth process.

Our due diligence includes

  • That the developer has no outstanding CCJs and is experienced with a good track record
  • That the site is secured, either by ownership, option or exchange
  • Local searches for anything which may have an adverse effect on the project in the immediate surrounding area
  • That the project has sufficient profit planned to ensure a minimum return of 20% on costs, to stand any market fluctuations at time of sale
  • Local analysis to find supporting evidence to verify the gross development value [GDV]
  • Checks by a quantity surveyor to ensure the numbers of the build stack up and the project looks financially sound